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Diving into the World of eSports Betting

The world of eSports betting is growing faster and faster by the minute – some would say even faster than the actual sport itself. At first, it was just an informal system of placing bets between acquaintances and friends – but now, it has actually become the most popular “sport” where thousands of people are betting millions of dollars every year – millions coming from pretty much every other corner of the world. All you need is the right betting platform that will allow you to place bets in a safe and organized manner.

However, with this sudden growth of the eSport betting, it’s obvious that people are looking at it with a great deal of uncertainty. You may be familiar with playing a particular game, but the betting side of it is a completely different one that might seem very new to you. Plus, if you are less a devout gamer and more of an enthusiast, then there’s a high chance that you will have questions about both the wagering side and the gaming side.

Things to Look for in a Good Betting Website

When you are looking for a good betting website, there are quite a few factors that you might want to look into first. These fundamental questions will tell you whether or not an online eSports book is the right choice for you. Here is what you should ask yourself:

A good betting platform will feature a positive answer for all of those questions. This way, by considering them carefully, you will know that the platform you have chosen is a good one.

eSport Betting Odds Prices

Depending on the place that you choose for eSport bets, no betting platform and esportsbook will have the same betting odds on a given match. Before you narrow down to the websites that seem most convenient for you, you need to do some shopping first and see exactly which sportsbook tends to give out the most favorable odds.

This is, in fact, a question that should be regularly asked. Markets tend to be quite dynamic, and books always change with the people (for better or for worse). Depending on the time when you are using the esportsbook, they might have a certain particular tendency at predicting the market when you bet on eSports.

The eSports Promotional Value

When it comes to getting the top value when it comes to a bet placed on eSports, price is only a small part of it all. Most betting websites offer their players (typically, the new players) quite a variety of bonuses and promotions that can improve your payout. The most common promotional components of a sportsbet generally include:

These offers are generally quite the catch for the beginner bettor, who yet has to learn how to make proper rounds of eSports betting USA. This way, they will learn the drill without blowing a great hole through their entire budget.

eSports Betting FAQ

When you join the eSports industry, particularly the betting section, chances are very high that you might have a few questions. Here are the most common questions that tend to appear among eSports enthusiasts.

Is eSport betting legal?

This question is quite complicated to answer, as it depends on the regulations on your jurisdiction. In many states, betting on any kind of eSport is legal and you may do it without any issues. However, there are also states where conducting any kind of bet is illegal – regardless of the game you are playing. This is why you need to be aware of the legislation.

How old do I have to be to place an eSport bet?

Once more, like with the legality of the game, the age will also depend on the jurisdiction. Some areas will require that you are at least 18, whereas others will place a minimum age of 24 years old. Check with the regulations of the game and the website, as there might be special mentions.

What are the types of bets that I can place?

Depending on the game that you are playing, along with the platform that you are using, there are four categories of bets that you may go for: item betting, traditional betting, social betting, and fantasy sports betting. Granted, you may also need to learn the terms of the website, as you may come across a variety of other bets.

Final Thoughts

Professional eSports betting is something that has been growing more and more over the past few years. No matter if you are placing your first bet or not, fivestarsbets.com might be a good place for you to start.