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About us

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to online betting, and if you want to gamble on eSports, then you want to be sure you do it nicely and safely. In order to do that, you need accurate and current information about major eSports events, but also the games that pro players are in love with. You have to bet always knowing the site you use can offer you security and doesn’t endanger your funds.

On FiveStarsBets, we value the safety of our customers and take special precautions to make sure they can bet without worrying about losing money. On this betting platform, all transactions are secured, and you will be able to use multiple payment methods too, so everything is more convenient for you.

We plan to create an environment where people can have bun betting on most eSports events, and check out what the current and upcoming events are. In addition, betting will be available for most major eSports games, because we want out users to have access to as many things as they want.