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FalleN Leaves the MIBR CS GO Roster after Recent Changes

FalleN Leaves the MIBR CS GO Roster after Recent Changes

It seems that the recent changes made by the MIBR CS: GO organization didn’t make Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo very happy. After the announcement that players Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, Epitacio “TACO” de Melo, and manager and coach Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia will be cut, FalleN decided to step down from MIBR CS: GO. He certainly didn’t like the decision of the organization, and this is the consequence.

FalleN’s Decision

FalleN openly spoke about this on his Twitter page, making a post to specifically announce that he’s stepping down.

“I’m not satisfied with the recent decision,” he said. “Last weeks have been tough and challenging and that is why I’m asking to leave the active roster while I think on my next steps. This time will be necessary to find my essence and return the peace I need to decide my path, while I accomplish my contractual obligations. The only thing I’m sure is this isn’t where the game ends for me.”

As such, the 29-year-old will not partake in the MIBR roster anymore, with many fans being sad, but also understanding.

The Reason Behind the Decision

The decision to cut the players from MIBR comes after some controversial events took place. Basically, the team used to be one of the best in the world while playing under SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming. But in 2020, their performance left much to desire. They even lost to teams that were not even in the top 50 HLTV rankings in online events, which was disappointing.

That’s not all, though. This is not the first time that dead is suspended. In fact, he was suspended previously by MIBR because he was given three suspensions by other event organizers, respectively ESL and Beyond the Summit, and the Esports Integrity Commission. The suspension came after dead allegedly used a spectator bug to cheat in the ESL One: Road to Rio Major qualifier, as well as cs_summit6.

Consequently, dead is not allowed to coach or even participate in any ESL and ESIC-sanctioned events for the following six months. At the same time, he will also not be allowed to participate or coach during the next two Beyond the Summit-run events.

MIBR came out with a statement regarding the matter. “We are living in a moment where MIBR and MIBR fans need to make changes and we will be making some adjustments to the roster over the next several weeks. The rest of the MIBR roster will be retooling and getting ready for fall events including BLAST and Flashpoint 2.”

As such, this is a big and important moment for MIBR because FalleN, as well as TACO, fer and dead were key parts in the growth of the brand.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, it’s known that MIBR will join the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 season in the American leg, which will start on October 22. The roster only has Alencar “trk” Rossato and Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe, so we can only wait and see what they do regarding the situation after FalleN left.