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Fortnite Players Get Unlimited Marvel Hero Abilities with New Exploit

Fortnite Players Get Unlimited Marvel Hero Abilities with New Exploit

Everyone was waiting for the Marvel hero abilities for Fortnite, especially fans of the characters they have been admiring for years. When it comes to their abilities, they are very strong. However, there is a new exploit that takes it to the next level and makes abilities much stronger. What’s more, people take advantage of them too.

With the Fortnite Nexus War Season 4 event, Epic decided to add some special Marvel hero abilities to make players enjoy themselves more. You can use abilities such as the Bramble Shield used by Groot, or the mystical bomb of Doctor Doom that so many people love.

As such, Epic is trying to find a solution to this and limit the uses. Epic has to add a cooldown as a result, which will only make them usable once every 15 seconds. Although some have yet to be added to the game, of course, players are taking advantage of the ones that have been added already.

The Exploit

Exploiting the Marvel hero abilities introduced with Season 4 is easy. Once you obtain access, you will be able to use an unlimited amount of power. You will get infinite charges by simply sharing the items. Players managed to discover this.

This trick will only work in duos, trios or squads, and will thus not be available during solos. Once you gain access to it, you will easily be able to use abilities in an unlimited amount.

As for the cool down, it is not applied to the items. It’s attached to the players instead. So, you can use it, then give it to someone else from the squad, and then pass it on again. When the item makes its way back to you, the cooldown should disappear.

So, here are some steps that allow one to use this exploit and get rid of the cooldown:

  1. Find a mythic Marvel item
  2. Give it to a member of the squad so he/she can use it
  3. Drop it to allow the other person to take it
  4. It should now be possible for your friend to use the item with no cooldown whatsoever
  5. Allow it to circulate between squad members to obtain unlimited abilities

Pros are Taking Advantage of It

Even pros are loving this exploit, as seen with the fact that MackWood and Clix are abusing this exploit. What makes it worse is that they are using this exploit in public lobbies and pro scrims. So, it’s easy for them to use these items. All of them can be found in competitive play. It is to be expected that sharing such items will become more frequent with FNCS and other tournaments.

However, things like this exploit should not exist in competitive play especially, but it’s still not rational for regular play either. Epic may have to come up with a solution for the cooldown, as they have to find a fix. So far, they haven’t mentioned anything about doing so.

Final Thoughts

Exploiting the new Marvel hero abilities in Fortnite is happening more and more and is very easy. We can only wait and see if Epic nerfs the items or changes the cooldown.