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Fortnite’s X-Force Bundle Got Leaked

Fortnite’s X-Force Bundle Got Leaked

Whenever a new update arrives, dataminers don’t sleep – they immediately start working in the game files and seeing what else there is to look forward too. This is what happened to Fortnite not long ago. The game had its v12.40 update recently, so dataminers were fast to do what they like to do the most. They weren’t disappointed, and fans were not disappointed either, because what has been found was an X-Force bundle.

What is this though, and why were fans so happy about it? Let’s find out.

What the Dataminers Found

When the Fortnite v12.40 update arrived, dataminers found some information about some future content that will come to Fortnite. One of the things that generated the biggest amount of reactions was the X-Force bundle. Basically, this involves a Marvel universe superhero team, which has the name X-Force. Not only were they able to find the bundle that involves some of these characters, but they were also able to find a new Deadpool style, which is great.

The X-Force Bundle – What It Includes

X-Force is a team that includes Marvel characters. These characters have been created by Rob Liefeld, a Marvel Comics artist. However, this team is rather known for its affiliation with the X-Men. You’d think that you should know them because of the popular characters that we know today, such as Captain America and Iron Man, but the X-Men connection is making them known instead.

Seeing Marvel characters in Fortnite is not new. In fact, something like this happened in the past already. During the Avengers: Endgame event that took place in the past, Marvel characters have been present in the game. But now, it seems like it’s time to look to the other side of Marvel, and that’s what Fortnite is doing right now. Epic Games wants fans to have access to a wider variety of Marvel Characters.

Leakers took to Twitter to give people a first look at the characters the game will contain soon. Apparently, the X-Force bundle will have three different skins, which is great for people who know the characters and love them.

The bundle will include Cable, Domino, and Psylocke. Cable comes in the form of a muscular man, while Domino is the blue woman, and Psylocke is a purple woman. People who watched Deadpool 2 have chances of knowing these characters already, as Cable and Domino had appearances there. Psylocke was also featured in X-Men: Apocalypse, so people might know her from there as well.

Luckily, the Hypex Fortnite leaks allowed people to see the skins already, so if you have a Twitter account, you can easily just find the profile of the leaker. It’s exciting to see how this will change the game in the future, and how happy some fans will be with this update.

Aside from the new additions, there is also a new skin for Deadpool. With the v.12.40 update, the hero has a new look, which might make people more eager to play with him. Thankfully, Hypex also posted pictures of Deadpool’s new design.

Final Thoughts on Fortnite’s Update

The new skins have made it into the game already, so you can buy them if you’re a fan. Knowing that you have these options is exciting, particularly for Marvel fans. With these Fortnite leaks news, you may have expected the release, but it’s even more amazing to know they are actually real and available. Now, you can step up your game with new, amazing skins.