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Marvel’s Avengers – What People Would Like to See from It

Marvel’s Avengers – What People Would Like to See from It

With so many Marvel fans, specifically fans of the Avengers, it only makes sense that the game that came out and features Avengers characters is making people happy. They’ve been waiting for this game and can finally see some of their favorite characters in action. The game is a third-person, action-adventure one with amazing graphics, and one that could steal the heart of any Captain America fan and not only.

Everyone has been happy to play as Captain America himself, and either played the beta or rushed straight into multiplayer. The game allows you to explore the story too, making it even more interesting. Scratching the surface will make you want even more from it and keep exploring what it can bring into your life as a gamer.

But although the game is already amazing as it is, people can’t help but think of aspects that would make the game even better and more enjoyable. Changes would bring in even more players, especially if new characters are added and a new mode will be included too. Now, many are aware that it will take some time, but they know that the developers will surely add some characters and raid-type missions, as well as gear, cosmetics, and other such things. After all, even leaks confirmed it.

However, if you’re curious and love the Avengers, here are some improvements other people want and you may like as well:

  • Additional Customizations for Costumes

Now, to be fair, the costumes can be customized to look cool, and turn the boring look into a great one. However, the downside is that when you equip new gear, the look of the character is not updated – only the stats are.

Making it possible for people to combine pieces from unlocked costumes will be an amazing feature and players will love using them. Not to mention, everyone would be able to add a touch of their own to the heroes and make them look more unique.

  • X-Men

Since X-Men are so popular and loved, it’s not a surprise that so many would like to see them in the game. Maybe you’d like to play as Psylocke and Nightcrawler as well.

According to a statement from Shaun Escayg, creative director, we may see X-Men in the game in the future. “It [the possibilities] extends to all of the 80-year history, and the process of choosing these characters is ‘can we ground it in this world, and can we make a real argument to Marvel that this character belongs here?’ — this character will move our story forward or take us into new stories.” he said.

  • PvP or PvEvP

A PvP mechanism would be great and allow people to test their stats and skills, but also to have some fun against each other. So, why not add it to this game too? This would give people something more to do apart from the PvE stuff.

Final Thoughts

Marvel’s Avengers already gained a fan base. But if the changes presented above are implemented, even more people will start playing, so it will only be a win for everyone involved.