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New BTS Dance Emotes in Fortnite Leaked

New BTS Dance Emotes in Fortnite Leaked

BTS is one of the big bands at the moment, a band that keeps its fans at the edge of their seats whenever they’re releasing a new song. It was the same before they released their hit single Dynamite over a month ago. As the song was this successful, BTS is going to have a cool performance in Fortnite, while also having several items with BTS theme added to the game.

People are very excited, not only for the performance but also for the new dance emotes. The emotes have been leaked by iFireMonkey, a known dataminer in the community. BTS fans will now have some amazing emotes to use.

BTS In-Game Performance

We’re used to seeing Fortnite having collaborations with different artists, brands or properties. Travis Scott and Marvel are only two examples of collaborations the band has had since its release. With BTS being this popular, it only makes sense that the game will feature the boy band as well.

On September 25th, a live performance will take place, during which the band members will be the ones taking over the center stage in the game. The performance will reveal the choreography for their new song, Dynamite. Since its release, the track was able to rank at almost 400 million hits on YouTube. It’s cool for Fortnite players to be the first ones seeing the choreography.

New Things Added to the Game

The performance is not the only thing people are waiting for. Other things that people are excited about are the new items and emotes added to the game. The shop in the game will be updated when the choreography will debut, and several BTS-themed items are going to be found. Skins are some of the most awaited items for this update.

But the most awaited one has to be the emote addition. The emotes will allow Fortnite players to dance to Dynamite, being a great way for fans to show more support for the band. We already know what two of the emotes are going to be, all thanks to dataminer iFireMonkey. One of them will allow the user to shoot stars and sparkles out of his/her fingertips, while the other one will just be a normal dance routine to a certain part of their hit Dynamite.

You’ll be able to use them due to the new event. Most items will be obtained from the shop, but chances are there will also be a few that you can only get if you attend the live performance. That being said, make sure you’re there for the choreography debut. You have two dates available. You can either attend on September 25th at 8 pm EDT/1 am BST/5 pm PDT, or on Saturday, September 26th at 5 am PDT/ 1 pm BST/ 8 am EDT and 2 pm CEST.

Final Thoughts

Get ready to experience the BTS hype by attending their Fortnite event. It’s cool to see that the choreography will be first seen in the famous game and, on top of that, the new items and emotes are very exciting too.