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New Trailer for Modern Warfare Season 6

New Trailer for Modern Warfare Season 6

Gamers, rejoice! Activision, together with Infinity Ward have released a new trailer for the 6th season of Modern Warfare & Warzone, allowing the players to see exactly what’s coming for them in the battle royale and multiplayer.

Over the past few years, everything that most players have been talking about was the Black Ops Cold War. However, that one will be released on November 13 – so until then, players have something else to enjoy. They have one more season of the current CoD title to enjoy.

The season 6 trailer came as a surprise to gaming enthusiasts on September 22, giving everyone a glimpse of what they can expect on the new release. This includes the new operators, new weapons, and something that looks like the subway system that got leaked in Warzone.

When Was the New Season Released?

According to the trailer that aired on September 22, they announced that the season would begin on September 29 – once more, as part of an important update. They released it at 11 PM PT (1 AM ET) so that it would not cause too much disruption to the servers during the peak hours.

What’s New In Season 6 of Modern Warfare & Warzone?

Everything that we see in the trailer takes place underground, in a subway tunnel. Since we haven’t seen this tunnel before in Warzone and in multiplayer, we can only assume that this is the tunnel that was previously leaked in BR.

It seems like the developers made the addition of a subway system going to Verdansk. This would be the second transportation method that they added, after the cargo train that was introduced at the beginning of the S5.

The details of this addition were not particularly explained; however, it was expected that the players would be able to operate it in the same way that they would the train. They could access the tunnels, and then make use of the moving cars in order to move around the map.

There was a moment in the trailer, a very brief one, where we could see a map of the subway system. We could see that there were a total of seven stops on Verdansk – the first one being at the airport. It continues to the Gorengard Lumber Yard, stretching into the Stadium and downtown, wrapping around Promenade Tosk Block and the Train Station.

To give you a clear image of the map, here is a clear image of the subway station:

  • M1 – The International Airport of Verdansk
  • M2 – The Stadium of Verdansk
  • M3 – The Gorengard Lumber Yard
  • M4 – The Tavorsk Downtown District
  • M5 – The East Barakett Promenade
  • M6 – The Train Station of Verdansk
  • M7 – The Torsk Block

The weekend broadcast of the CoD League Championship gave us an idea of how the stops will look like. Here, they showed the Verdansk celebrations as a way to honor the winners – and right next to the Stadium, we could see a similar structure that was not on any map.

Introducing a New Weapon – the AS VAL

Up until now, we got used to the fact that every new season of Modern Warfare would have to feature two new guns – and it seems that it was no exception for this 6th season. Only one of the two weapons was featured in the trailer, but what CoD fans with an eagle eye could notice was that there would be a new AS VAL assault rifle. At the very end, Nikolai had that weapon in his hands.

If you are wondering how we know it’s an AS VAL, we have other eagle eyes to thank for. BKTOOR prominent dataminer already leaked gameplay footage featuring the new AR. It was then revealed that it had a fairly high fire-rate when it comes to rifles.

We could not see what the second weapon was, but we could assume that it was an R700 sniper rifle – one that got remastered from COD 4. At the same time, it could also be an AA-12 shotgun. There is the chance that both of them could be released – but one would come out along with the AS VAL, whereas the other would be made available as we reach the middle of the 6th season. You will just have to buy them or win them throughout the game.

New Operators Incoming: Farah and Nikolai

Those who already played Modern Warfare won’t be strangers to the characters Farah and Nikolai. Farah is the one who founded Uszikstani Liberation Force and is also someone you have close by your side when you go in story mode. Nikolai, on the other hand, is a friend of Captain Prince – someone that you also got to see throughout the game.

The trailer revealed that the two would be joining Warzone and multiplayer as Operators, following events taking place in the campaign. They are all coming together to put a stop to Mr. Z, the main antagonist that is trying to bring Verdansk down.

Both of them are included in the S6 Battle Pass – with Farah standing at Tier 0, whereas Nikolai is the Operator for Tier 100.

You have different ways to customize the Operators, depending on your preferences. You may go for army gear or for a more relaxed vibe for both Farah and Nikola.

Wrap Up

With the game now released, more and more data is coming into the light. In the coming days, more weapons will be revealed as thee players are advancing in the game, and more maps will also come forth. What we can say is that this new season got a lot of attention, with CoD enthusiasts following all the news, updates, leaks, and guides.