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Overwatch Echo – The New Robot Hero

Overwatch Echo – The New Robot Hero

Overwatch fans love it when new heroes are released because it gives them more options to pick from when playing. Well, they now have the opportunity to play with Overwatch Echo, an amazing robot hero that has an amazing backstory and great abilities. If you’re a big Overwatch fan, you may be just as excited for the release of the damage hero as we are.

Let’s see what the Overwatch Echo release is going to bring us.

Overwatch Echo – Who is the Hero and What is Her Backstory?

Before we get to the Echo release, let’s get to know Echo. The robot is the fourth new damage hero in the game, as well as the hero number 32 in the game. Blizzard thought it’s time to add a new damage hero, since the last one, Ashe, was added in 2018. Although she is only released now as a hero, this appearance is not her first one.

In November 2018, Echo appeared in the Overwatch short “Reunion”. Later, in 2019, she appeared in the reveal trailer “Zero Hour”of Overwatch 2.

What exactly is the hero’s backstory, though? Well, Echo has been created by Dr. Mina Liao, a Singaporean scientist. As she was a worker for the Omnica Corporation, Liao knew her way around robotics and artificial intelligence. She wasn’t evil by any means, yet she was the one to create the robots that will go to war against humanity in the Omnic Crisis. Once the crisis was over, she was recruited as a founding member of Overwatch. At first, she wasn’t willing to accept, because she contributed to the Omnic Crisis, but because she had good intentions, she was suitable for the job.

As past events have shown that AI can be used against humanity, Overwatch’s policy was strict when it came to robots and AI overall. This is why they wanted to limit their use. However, Dr. Mina Liao knew that AI could be used for humanity, and she wanted to prove it by creating Echo.

In the beginning, Echo had some safeguards that were keeping her from showing her full potential. Dr. Mina Liao incorporated a program within Echo which allowed her to learn new skills by watching. However, the true nature of the robot was revealed after the doctor died in an Overwatch facility attack.

What Are Her Skills?

You may be wondering what Overwatch Echo abilities you will have access to when playing the hero. Well, there are a few abilities that the robot can use. She can duplicate her opponents and get use of their abilities, fire three shots at once in triangle patterns, and fire a volley of sticky bombs that explode after a delay. She can also glide while falling, fly, and channel a beam after which she does high damage to any target with less than half health.

The ultimate ability is amazing because it lets her become a clone of the opponent for about 15 seconds. So, within that time, she can use the abilities of the enemy. It’s within that time that she can also build the ultimate charge.

When Is Echo Being Released?

The Echo release date was April 14, 2020. Although director Jeff Kaplan announced that she might have to spend a long time in the PTR because her ultimate is too powerful, she managed to become a new hero in April.

Final Thoughts

Is Overwatch Echo Blizzard’s new favorite creation for fans? We can only wait and see what people think after using her for a while. Since April 14, you can take advantage of Echo Blizzard’s shooter.