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Overwatch Streamer Reveals a Game Bug

Overwatch Streamer Reveals a Game Bug

It’s not the first time a streamer is revealing a bug for a game. In fact, this has happened in the past with various games. This time, the bug is from Overwatch, and it affects Widowmaker. With Widowmaker being such a popular hero, it only makes sense that many will abuse this bug as soon as they discover it. It may be beneficial to Widowmaker players, but it does have its disadvantages too.

What Does the Bug Do?

Syrneh, a known Overwatch player, is the one who revealed this Widowmaker bug. Basically, the bug allows whoever is playing as Widowmaker to jump even though the Grapple cooldown is not activated.

During the stream, Syrneh played on Hanamura, going to a particular place on Point C. Here, snipers are known to use Grapple for jump shots. But what happened was that the streamer could keep jumping while using Grapple. This is what gave him the ability to scope, leap and fire as much as he wanted to. It was something the viewers were impressed by.

In the video below, you can notice how Widowmaker can shoot and jump as much as the player wants. This, of course, becomes very challenging to whoever is on the receiving end of Widowmaker’s attacks. Since there is no cooldown, the continuous shots are hard to manage. All you have to do to activate the bug is grapple onto a flat surface, like a wall for instance. This will reset the cooldown and make it stay at zero permanently.

MacSiderman also explained the way the bug works on Reddit. “They made an update to Grapple a while back, which makes your cooldown get refunded if you hook a wall or flat surface. Momentum stays the same, though.”

Is the Bug Beneficial?

The bug can be an advantage for the Widowmaker player, as he/she can always keep firing shots at the enemies and push them to their limits. But it has a drawback too. Without the cooldown, it’s not as easy for Widowmaker to retreat when dealing with enemies like D.Va or Winston. It’s something to keep in mind for Widowmaker users.

With that in mind, the bug is both beneficial and not beneficial. Blizzard will end up fixing it at one point as people are bringing awareness. In the meantime, you can expect players to take advantage of the bug so watch out for Widowmaker during your games.