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Tips for Placing a Winning Overwatch Bet

Overwatch is one of the most popular first-person shooter games, where you have to choose from 26 champions to play with and try to be the winner of the match. Thanks to its increase in popularity, the game got into eSports, and any fan can now just place an Overwatch bet on their favorite team or player whenever an event takes place.

If you are planning to watch a tournament soon, then better learn how to bet on Overwatch first.

Overwatch – Basic Gameplay

As mentioned, Overwatch is a first-person shooter. What’s important to note about it is that it focuses on multiplayer gameplay, more specifically team play. Whether we’re talking about casual or competitive matches, you will have to communicate with other players to be able to play properly.

There are different objectives, character classes and types of maps in Overwatch, and to be able to play or understand a professional match properly, you need to learn them. It’s thankfully not that difficult.

Also, you should know that the main objective isn’t always just killing the members of the other team. There are other things that come into play. That being said, if a team has a member that doesn’t listen and goes out of his/her way to do things, it’s probably not the best team to support.

How to Place an Overwatch Bet

Overwatch bets can bring you a lot of money if you know how to place them the right way. So, it’s important to know what steps to take when betting.

Watching tournaments is one way to bet and watch the best teams play. There are many events that you can watch every year, such as Overwatch Contenders, Overwatch League, and many others. The Overwatch World Cup is yet another event that will bring you some of the best teams in worldwide eSports. Watching these live will allow you to make live bets as well.

Plenty of betting websites allow you to perform Overwatch betting, so you’re not that limited when it comes to that. What’s important is finding the right website to do so, because not all of them are safe.

Some options for Overwatch betting would be Betway, Arcaneber, and Unikrn, which are popular sites for Overwatch eSports lovers. Of course, there are others too, so don’t hesitate to search for them.

Before you decide to spend money betting on a team, you should get to know them. Do they have a history of winnings? Are they skilled and dedicated enough? Do they have likable personalities? Consider all of these when choosing your favorite team in Overwatch eSports and bet on it.

Final Thoughts

Overwatch League betting can bring you a lot of money if you place bets properly and manage to win. Hopefully, this little guide will help you when gambling.