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Patch 10.20 Comes with Buffs, Nerfs, and Various Updates to LoL

Patch 10.20 Comes with Buffs, Nerfs, and Various Updates to LoL

A look at the Patch 10.20 news will reveal a lot of information about what’s going to happen in League of Legends after its release. With this new patch, fans are advancing towards the end of the patch schedule for 2020, which makes everything even more exciting. The new release is bringing nerfs to Katarina while bringing in some buffs to Aatrox, Varus, and others.

The patch is scheduled for release on September 30 and despite Worlds 2020 starting soon, it will not be affected by the 10.20 patch. Since the competitive environment change would be so different for the players, the professionals will remain on the World’s Patch 10.19 variant for six weeks. Riot Games thought it was more than enough to remain on Patch 10.19 to maintain the consistency of the League of Legends World Championship.

Dragonmancer – An Exciting Skin Line

League of Legends players love skins, and when their favorite champions are getting new skin releases, the game becomes more fun to play. In Patch 10.20, the Dragonmancer skin like will also be released, and a few heroes are going to get some cool looks. Sett, Ashe, Brand, Lee Sin, and Aurelion Sol are going to be heroes getting the new skin.

Out of these heroes, Sett is going to get a Prestige version of the Dragonmancer skin, which has his fans very excited about the new design. But in order to gain this new skin, players will have to grind a lot. It is going to be available for 2,000 tokens in the Worlds 2020 in-game event shop, so you need to prepare if you want to get it.

Character Nerfs

As expected, a number of characters will be nerfed in the new patch, and it’s important to know them before you venture on the maps with these characters. Apparently, the more popular champions are the ones having to suffer nerfs lately. After all, when a character has a very high win rate, more people are going to choose it. Katarina is a good example of this, with a 52.47% win rate according to Lolalytics. Because of this, she was one of the first characters to be nerfed.

But of course, she is not the only one. Heroes such as Lulu, Maokai, Kassadin, Nunu, Kled, and Karthus are also going to get nerfs in the upcoming patch. Nunu and Karthus are known to be very useful in jungle, and now with the nerf they are going to have a lower survival rate in jungle.

Some fans are disagreeing with the nerfs, especially if they enjoy playing as these characters. But Riot Games thinks some nerfs are necessary.

Character Buffs

Now, on to some good news – character buffs are going to be made for champions like Varus, Aatrox, and Ryze. It’s only normal to add some buffs to balance with the nerfs that will be made. Aatrox will get a boost for the healing in his ultimate, for instance.

Apart from them, Braum and Illaoi will also receive some buffs, just like Urgot and Sion.

Changes Brought by Patch 10.20

As expected, multiple changes will be made to the game in the 10.20 patch, and they will apply to some runes and characters.

  • Rune Changes

Some changes will be made to Relentless Hunter (Domination). There will be a change for the out of combat movement speed per stack which will go from 9 to 8, while the baseline out of combat movement speed will go from 10 to 5.

  • Character Changes

Here are all the updates made to champions:

  • Illaoi – Cooldown for tentacle spawn – 20-12 –> 2-8 per champion level.
  • Katarina – Ratio for the passive attack damage – 100 –> 75% bonus attack damage.
  • Karthus – Armor – 20.88 -> 18. Base health point regeneration goes from 6.5 to 6.
  • Braum – Q damage from 60-260 -> 75-275 and mana cost changes to 45-65 from 55-75.
  • Aatrox – the R healing amp – 50-70 -> 50-100%.
  • Kassadin – Q shield – 60-160 -> 40-160.
  • Nunu – Base armor – decreased from 32 to 29.
  • Maokai – Q damage – 70-250 -> 70-230.
  • Kled – Base magic resist goes to 29 from 32.1.
  • Urgot – New W damage is going to apply 50 minimum damage to monsters. Meanwhile, the passive monster cap goes to 100-360 from 60-360.
  • Ryze – the Q damage – increased from 65-165 -> 75-175.
  • Lulu – Q attack speed – 25-45 -> 20-35%.
  • Sion – Increase for Q damage applied to monsters to 150% from 100.
  • Varus – the E damage – from 50-210 -> 60-220 and R cooldown decreased to 120-60 from 130-70.

If you’re about to play a lot of LoL soon, make sure you know about these changes. It will help you build a strategy.