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Starcraft 2 Betting – Guide for Beginners

If you’re into gaming and especially games that have made it to eSports, then you must know about Starcraft. This game grabbed the attention of many people and managed to become one of the most popular eSports. As such, you now have the opportunity to make Starcraft 2 bets while seeing some of the most spectacular teams in eSports.

How do you bet properly, though? Here’s what to know before making an SC bet.

Starcraft 2 – How Is It Played?

The rules in Starcraft 2 are simple. You have to engage in a competitive match, usually, 1v1, although 2v2 matches are a thing as well. You need to pick between three different factions. The factions are the Protoss, the Zerg, and the Terran.

The Protoss is referring to a hyper-advanced alien race. Their focus is only on a small unit number. These require more micromanagement usually. The Zerg are also aliens, but unlike the ones from the Protoss, they are insectlike aliens. Another difference is that these come in big numbers.

The Terran, on the other hand, is the faction of humans. It has the most adaptable hairstyle.

Your goal in the game is to destroy the base of the opponents. Both you and your opponent will start the match with a base and 12 workers. So, you will need to carefully use your resources to build your base, and make sure it can be protected in case of an attack.


Starcraft 2 Betting – Tips

To place a successful Starcraft 2 bet, you need to be prepared. You need to know not only what websites to place bets on, but also how to bet on Starcraft 2.

Well, it’s important to know that you have a few options available for betting. To be more specific, there are multiple types of bets that you can place on this game.

For instance, a very popular type of bet is Map Winner. You will bet on who you think will win each map in the match. Another type of bet that many people are picking is Outright Winner. This means that you will bet on who you think is going to win the tournament. So, you don’t bet on who you think will win the individual match, but rather the entire tournament. With that said, Match Winner is a type of bet to choose too, and as you can tell, this is where you bet on who is going to win the individual match.

As for websites, some favorite picks for betting on Starcraft 2 are:

Final Thoughts

Starcraft 2 betting can be extremely entertaining and it may even pay off if you know what you’re doing. Make sure to get to know the game, and then use your skills to predict the outcome properly and win some cash.