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Who Are the Strongest League of Legends Champions in Patch 10.18?

Who Are the Strongest League of Legends Champions in Patch 10.18?

League of Legends just released the 10.18 patch recently. The awaited update managed to fix various bugs, as well as add some changes. Just like any update, though, this patch also brought something new – buffs and nerfs to multiple heroes of the game. Although some people may have been waiting for new heroes, changes to existing ones are still pretty exciting. So, fans can only wait for new heroes in future patches.

For now, they can focus on using the new hero buffs to their advantage to claim the win they’re so eager to get. But which heroes are the strongest ones with this new patch? Here is a list of them so you know which ones to use in your next matches.

  • Lux (Support)

If you’re playing support, then your next games should definitely be played with Lux. The champion is still amazing in the bot-lane, and she’s currently on top of the support rankings. She has a win rate of 53.90%, and it’s not surprising considering how many kills you can get with her Q, especially in the early stages of the game. If you managed to also mix in her E’s AoE slow, it will all be even better.

The cool thing with Lux is that she has multiple skills that make her a very suitable candidate for the support job. If you like fighting, then she will do amazing.

She can add shields to close alleys which protects them from getting too much damage. This Prismatic Barrier spell can prove to be a very useful protection against enemies and even prevent being killed. Lux should be your choice if you want to carry.

  • Elise (Jungle)

People who love characters with a little darkness could enjoy Elise if they want to play jungle. Everyone’s favorite eight-legged champion will do amazing in matches considering she is now at the top of the jungle heroes list. What’s great about her is that she can have a great impact on the lanes of her teammates, but she can also be used in 1v1 fights, which is even better.

With her, you will never get bored during the match, as you can trick enemies and catch them off-guard. This makes up for the fact that Elise cannot use any tools that would help lock down grouped opponents.

All you have to do is use her E, which will affect the enemies’ health with the use of Spiderlings.

  • Darius (Top-Lane)

Top-laners should definitely look towards Darius at the moment, as he is the top hero to use. Not only can this hero survive for very long amounts of time, but the amount of damage he causes by swinging his axe is impressive. He will be especially useful towards the end of the game. This is because he has the ability to use the overall bulk to kill all squishy carries in an instant. With his ultimate, he can crush blows at the same time.

Therefore, use him to your advantage, as his current win rate is 50.67%, and the ban rate is 39.55%.

  • Jarvan IV (Meta Breaker)

Even though he wasn’t seen in the competitive scene recently, it was time for Jarvan to make a comeback. With the 10.18 patch release, the hero got a Q base damage buff, which makes him a good choice for meta breakers. It’s not news that Jarvan IV wasn’t the best hero in the early game, but now with the buff, he may climb the competitive ladder and become one of the favorite choices. His current pick rate is only 3.91% but expected to rise now with this amazing buff.

He can be overwhelming for enemies, especially if you make sure to use Guardian Angel, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Black Cleaver, as they increase the hero’s survivability. He’s not the best jungler at the moment, but he’s certainly one with high potential to become a top pick.

  • Caitlyn (Bot-lane)

The previous patch wasn’t one that favored Caitlyn at all. She got a nerf. But despite this nerf, she is still an amazing choice for bot-lane, especially if people want to make sure they are dominant over their enemies.

The champion has a win rate of 52.03%, whereas the pick rate is 29.08%. This only goes to show that Caitlyn is amazing and can help anyone take over the game.

Probably what makes her such a favorite is the fact that she’s great as a long-range fighter. You don’t have to get closer to enemies, which means getting damage from them is less likely to happen. Not to mention, this also makes it much easier to harm enemies and take advantage as a team.

Caitlyn can also get a 50% AD bonus thanks to her Headshot passive, which improves her auto-attacks and gives them the potential to kill.

  • Zed (Mid-lane)

If you’re a mid-laner, then you should know Zed is making a nice return with this patch. The hero is able to slip into his enemies’ backline, as well as make sure to rush down squishy carries. As an assassin, he can make clones and thus harm his opponents. Meanwhile, the real Zed will be able to escape from the fight. He will prove to be effective, especially in the later parts of the game.

His potential to kill is amazing, especially considering the buff he for in the 10.14 patch to his Living Shadow’s missile. Zed will prove to be more than amazing, especially since there are so many threats from carries.

Final Thoughts

League of Legends will be even more fun to play with these characters getting a buff with the new patch. All of them will be great to use in particular moments of a match, as well as on different areas of the map. So, depending on what you like to play as during an LoL match, make sure to pick the rightful champion and take advantage of the new updates. You may be able to secure that juicy win this way.