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Unexpected Overwatch Glitch Gives D.Va a Different View

Unexpected Overwatch Glitch Gives D.Va a Different View

Imagine this: you are playing Overwatch, minding your own business as a D.Va, and all of a sudden you are launched out of your all-powerful suit and sent straight into a completely different map. Scary, we know – but at the same, it can be quite exciting. And all of this is happening because of a glitch that keeps sending Overwatch Off-Tank players soaring to different maps.

Fight or Flight

When a D.Va drops into a game, they have a special power that is quite difficult to match by other heroes. There are two different instances here. One has her in her MEKA, with great mobility and a great pool of health. The other has her de-meched, witch a much lower health bar, but with a Light Gun that can deal some surprisingly lethal damage.

When the first health batch is wiped clean, as the enemies are focusing on the projectile-eating tank, the D.VA is launched outside of her battle suit. More often than not, this action causes her to remain stranded until the Ultimate is charged, and they call in another mech.

In most cases, players have a slight amount of control for when and where the D.VA can be propelled out of the MEKA – but a recent hilarious glitch has been putting a spin in their efforts to be precise. Now, there is a highly random chance that a bug will send players flying to a completely different map, without so much as a warning.

Changing the View

This glitch has been pointed out by a variety of Reddit users. For example, during the second round of Ilios, a certain Reddit user was dumbfounded when he caught himself in the middle of glitch. Halfway through the round, the mech was taken down – but the hero has not emerged and landed on the ground. Instead, they realize they were shot sky-high, getting a full view of the ruins during the lighthouse stage.

Without actually time-traveling, the D.Va was taken from their normal playing space straight into the ceiling, all in just one frame. From that point on, they could see their cruise ship as they were sent down into familiar territory.

That said, once they land, they realize that they are no longer in the place where they used to be. Usually, with Overwatch control maps, Ilios can load three different stages as the match begins – but you may only access one at a time. The only exception is if you encounter this glitch.

At this point, you have a lot of rounds left – but you are stranded in a different section of the map, having absolutely nothing to do. You don’t have any enemies or teammates around; you just seem to be floating around with no way of returning to the fight. It’s funny, indeed – but unnerving at the same time.

Blizzard has yet to address this issue, although multiple players have reported the problem. These issues appear random, but at the same time, only affect the control maps.